Do SEIU Members Know Their Union Consorts With America’s Enemies?

This is one thing that always flummoxes me. Over the last few decades American labor unions have increasingly become adjuncts, associates, pals, close friends — what ever you want to call them — with anti-American groups like the Communist Party USA and various socialist, anti-Israel groups, and pro-terror groups like the many pro-Palestinian groups. So, what the hell are the regular, presumably true American rank and file members doing about this fact? Are they aware of it? If they are aware of it why do they sit idly by while their union leaders consort with enemies of the United States of America?

The May Day rally in L.A. is just the latest example of major American unions joining hands with commies, socialists, terror-supporters and anti-Americans.

At the link you can see many photos of marchers representing the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) marching side-by-side with commies and other anti-American groups. And they aren’t just coincidentally appearing in the same march. The fact is the SEIU joined with these hatemongers to organize the march.

An SEIU member marches with a red communist flag

Let us not forget what a “May Day Parade” is for in the first place, shall we? It is a communist celebration. It is not just a labor march but a communist-inspired march.

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Now, the SEIU is one of the largest labor unions in America today. Its just past president, Andy Stern, was one of President Obama’s closest advisors. Worse, the SEIU represents millions of government workers in all sorts of professions from janitors to office workers to healthcare providers.

The SEIU has been closely linked to these communist, socialist, terror-supporting groups for quite sometime. Again, the SEIU is closely linked to our government operations. They are spreading this anti-American pap inside our government.

SEIU members happily march amidst communist agitators

So, what is going on here? It is easy enough to understand that the chieftains of one of America’s largest unions are nearly to a man commies. Sure, we can get that. But what about all the millions of regular Americans that belong to the SEIU? Are all of them anti-American, pro-communist hatemongers?

One has to accept that they are in full or in part. After all, if they were all real Americans they’d have risen up by now to depose the un-American leadership they are struggling under.

But they have not. Not a single American union member has risen up to oppose the communist and pro-terror pals that their union bosses have cultivated over the last 30 years or so. Not one.

So, at this point it is pretty difficult to accept that any union member is a true American. It is a harsh reality, but with their silence they are accepting o the close ties their leaders have developed with terrorists, communists and anti-AMericans everywhere.

Isn’t it time that the real Americans that are left in the ranks of America’s big labor organizations rise up and take their organizations back? I sure think it is.

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