Dodd Spokes Attacks Tea Party Movement

Quite a professional Dodd employs, he even manages to work in the usual pathetic sexual inuendo while on the attack. Rob Simmons responds to Dodd below.

Dodd’s campaign manager, Jay Howser, said that the tea-baggers have nothing to offer.

“The great thing about the far right wing, extreme group of tea-baggers who have entertained us throughout the summer is that their idea of free speech is akin to shouting down opposition, drowning out debate, and in Connecticut, encouraging Sen. Dodd to commit suicide with painkillers and alcohol,” Howser said. “No responsible American, regardless of their political beliefs, thinks that this fringe element has anything valuable to offer to our country’s discourse or debate.”

Yes, he did it on his site where he also raises funds. But in some cases I’m going to stop shying away from such links: as I did in previous years. Face it, the Left uses blogs to raise campaign cash. And worst than that in Dodd’s case, we know the type of corrupt big guns he has behind him. Frankly, I’d rather see him defeated with the 5 and 10 dollars donations as much as possible. We can’t win if we don’t start playing the game. I don’t make the rules. But I’m tired of watching guys like Dodd: returned to Congress term after term. There isn’t much satisfaction in that. If you want to help out, it’s up to you.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans gathered on the National Mall and in cities across the country to protest rampant overspending, high taxes, and a government-run health plan that would bankrupt the next generation.

Senator Chris Dodd’s response? He sent his campaign manager to insult Tea Party patriots with a lewd pornographic reference the extreme Left has popularized to disparage the Tea Party movement:

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