Domestic Terrorist Denied University Accolade of Emeritus Status

Leave it to University liberals to suddenly take strong stands just when it makes absolutely no difference at all.

Domestic terrorist William Ayers, close personal friend to Barack Hussein Obama, has finally been denied something by a publicly funded university and at this late date it is a meaningless gesture.

For decades and decades this anti-American cretin has been spreading his hatred of the United States to students at the University of Illinois in Chicago but now after spreading his maliciousness for so long he is contemplating retirement.

But the 60’s radical and bomber William Ayers wanted one more little accolade from UIC, one more little piece of paper he could frame for his wall of liberal praise. He wanted to be awarded UIC emeritus status.

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But the board voted unanimously not to award this murderer this last little plum. Why? Because this gem of a guy dedicated his 1974 book to Sirhan Sirhan the murderer of Bobby Kennedy. And out of a stroke of bad luck for the anti-American prof, Kennedy’s son just happens to fill a spot on the university’s board. After an “emotional statement” he convinced the others that Ayers was not worthy of emeritus status.

So what does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. Emeritus status is nothing but a title. It bestows no actual benefits like money or office space or any other remuneration. It’s just an honorific. In actuality Ayers isn’t really denied anything concrete. No benefits, no money, no real status or degree… nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the decision and feel as the board does that Ayers does not deserve the title. But where was this stiffened spine, where was this paean to principles back in 1987 when terrorist Ayers entered the university in the first place? Where was all this angst over Ayers’s evils when he could have been stopped from spreading his hate to our students? Where were the questions of Ayers’s suitability when it could have done the most good by stopping him from living off the taxpayers of the very government he tried to destroy?

Oh but NOW these university types stand up for principle. NOW these people find that Ayers is just too much for them to take. NOW they take a stand right when doing so is entirely meaningless to do so.

Way to go UIC.

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