Donald Trump States: If Hillary Clinton Were Republican, ‘She’d Already Be in Jail’

Donald Trump States: If Hillary Clinton Were Republican, ‘She’d Already Be in Jail’

Once again, I agree with Donald Trump here. Look at what the DOJ did to Petraeus. If Clinton had been a Republican, she would have already donned an orange pant suit and would be lounging behind bars somewhere. I fervently pray that if a Republican is elected in 2016, that they make not only Hillary Clinton, but Barack Obama and his cronies pay for their crimes. A true conservative would do just that. I still believe this email scandal will tank Clinton as the nominee. But I don’t think she will serve any time in prison if it is left to the corrupt Democrats. If you are going to go after a general for leaving his calendars in an unlocked desk drawer, don’t you think you should go after the Secretary of State who used a personal server that was unencrypted and where Top Secret emails were bandied about, putting our national security at risk and certainly handing government Intel over to enemy states? Let’s have justice for all here.

Donald Trump on Clinton

From NewsMax:

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, she would “already be in jail” over the issues surrounding her use of a private email server, presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday, and it will probably take a Republican president to be elected to make her face charges.

“Had there not been a [Gen. David] Petraeus, and you know, the catastrophic events that happened around him, it would be a different story,” Trump, who is at the top of most major national polls, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “If this were a Republican, somebody would already be indicted.”

Clinton’s decision to use a private server, said Trump, is “very serious” and “probably criminal. I think almost you could say, almost certainly criminal. And it looks to me like she’s not going to be prosecuted. And that’s only because the prosecutors are Democrats.”

Trump said that Petraeus, the former CIA director who was fined and sentenced for sharing classified documents with his mistress-biographer, has seen his life destroyed, “but it’s like nothing seems to be happening with her, so the world is watching.”

He also compared Clinton’s case to that of former Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell, who was sentenced two years in prison for taking money and gifts in exchange for promoting a dietary supplement while he was in office.

“He didn’t violate a state law,” said Trump. “The Justice Department decides to go after him and puts him in jail for five, six, seven, eight years.”

If a Republican becomes president, Trump said, “hopefully” Clinton will face charges, but then “you have a statute of limitations of five or six years. Hillary might have to win this election because if a Republican wins, I would imagine that their attorney general and their people are going to be their various prosecutors, because it goes on for years after the election.”

So, as a result, Clinton “might be fighting for her life in more ways than one,” said Trump, as “what she did is probably criminal. I think almost you could say it’s almost certainly criminal.”

Trump also said that Clinton’s woes are leading to her decline, and could result in Vice President Joe Biden being on the rise.

During the interview, news came in about a new Quinnipiac University poll that shows Biden, who has not yet entered the race, as performing as well or better than the top Republican candidates, including Trump, in general election matchups in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. However, the poll also shows Trump and Clinton still atop primary polls in those same three key swing states.

“You would think he’d want to get into the race,” said Trump of Biden. “He’s always wanted to do it. He’s run, I guess, two or three times and he’s always wanted to do it.”

What Hillary Clinton has done on so many fronts is criminal. What’s worse is all of America knows it. She has the arrogant gall to run for president even now. Joe Biden may indeed step into the race, but that just shows how desperate the Leftists are. Their current candidates are comprised of a stone cold criminal, a moron, a socialist and someone who’s greatest claim to fame is a rain tax and the Baltimore riots. It sounds like a really bad bar joke. Trump isn’t afraid to call Clinton out for her dirty deeds. I just hope that whether it is Cruz or Trump, they go after her with everything they’ve got once they are elected. She’s long overdue for a relaxing stint up river.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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