Donna Brazile CONFESSES To LEAKING Debate Questions To Clinton Camp… THEN BLAMES RUSSIA!?

Donna Brazile has actually come out and confessed that she handed questions from CNN to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the last election. But mixed up in all that, she blames the Russians for the election because of hacking. No Donna… Hillary Clinton lost because she was a deeply flawed and corrupt candidate. She sucked as a presidential candidate and as a human being… that’s why she lost. Even your cheating by handing her debate questions didn’t help. And CNN wonders why Americans hate and distrust them. This right here is why.

Brazile may regret the decision, but I suspect that is because she got caught and because Clinton didn’t win. On October 14th, CNN accepted Brazile’s resignation as a network contributor. CNN’s Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter said Brazile’s collusion with the Clinton campaign “embarrassed all of CNN.” But not enough to get them to change their ways. No sir. They are embarrassed because she was caught in the act, not because she did it.

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

From Breitbart:

Former DNC chairwoman and disgraced CNN commentator Donna Brazile has admitted that she relayed confidential questions to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in advance of last year’s primary debate.

Writing in Time magazine, Brazile said she would “forever regret” the decision, which was revealed after WikiLeaks published thousands of emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“When I was asked last July to step in temporarily as D.N.C. Chair,” Brazile explained, “I knew things were amiss. The D.N.C. had been hacked, and thousands of staff emails and documents were plastered on various websites. Staff were harassed, morale suffered, and we lost weeks of planning. Donors were harassed, and fundraising fell off.”

“Then in October, a subsequent release of emails revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and D.N.C. Vice Chair prior to assuming the interim D.N.C. Chair position was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” Brazil added.

And Brazile had the nerve to state in her Time letter, that “the media narrative” about her being in cahoots with the Clinton campaign “played out just as the Russians had hoped, leaving Sanders supporters understandably angry and sowing division in our ranks.” Well, damn girl! You were!! If anyone is to blame here, that would be you. Everyone expects the Russians to meddle in our elections… it’s what they do. But you justified your unethical actions in the name of retaining power for the Democrats. You helped cause the division and anger… take a long, good look in the mirror.

The WikiLeaks hack, Brazile said, is evidence that there must be a continued investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election. “Let me be clear,” Brazile wrote, “this is not just the price of politics. This is not normal. We cannot let this stand. Our democratic process itself was attacked and harmed, and all Americans should be concerned.” There has been absolutely no evidence of the Trump campaign being in collusion with the Russians. But CNN was definitely in collusion with the Democratic Party. WikiLeaks is another matter as I consider them a propaganda outlet for the Russians, but that is separate from the election.

Brazile pointed the finger at Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. She is stating that the election was unfairly won by Trump because of the Russians. Neither Brazile or Schumer have any proof of these allegations and they are slanderous. Surely this woman should do some soul searching over her own lack of ethics instead of perpetrating more lies and unethical actions. Enough.

Andrew Harrer—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Andrew Harrer—Bloomberg/Getty Images

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