Dr. Carson: With Obama Foreign Policy The World is ‘Like a Third-Grade Class With No Teacher In It’

Dr. Ben Carson is still noodleing around with the idea of running for the GOP nomination for President in 2016, but in the meantime he continues to speak out about this most worthless of all US Presidents. This time he properly noted that with Obama in charge of US foreign policy the world is “like a third-grade class with no teacher in it.”

Dr. Carson is dead-on right with this:

Dr. Ben Carson drew shouts of ‘Run, Ben, Run!’ Friday night with a double-barreled attack on the Barack Obama presidency that included slams on his foreign policy decisions.

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon, who has attracted a cult-like Republican following — and a presidential ‘draft’ committee with better fundraising numbers than the ‘Ready For Hillary’ PAC, that the United States needn’t ‘stick our nose into everybody’s business, but we do need to lead.’
‘We are the pinnacle nation of the world,’ he told a crowd of thousands at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado.

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‘There’s a responsibility that comes with that, and right now the world is like a third-grade class with no teacher in it. And it’s going like crazy, okay?’

Carson went on to say, “‘Our country is in critical condition right now. And if don’t do something about it in the relatively near future. It’s going to be over.”

He is oh, so right. What do you folks think? Tell us below.

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