Election-Tampering Mark Ritchie Associated With Communist Party USA

As the Democrat Party’s rapid descent into ultra-radicalism proves, the Cold War isn’t over by a long shot. Mark Ritchie, the Minnesota Secretary of State who took a Senate seat away from Norm Coleman and handed it to the obnoxious left-wing comedian Al Franken, is affiliated not only with Obama’s ACORN, but with the Communist Party USA.

This highly secretive organization trusts Ritchie enough to invite him to high level “not for publication” meetings, like one in 1999 following the appalling leftist riots at the WTO conference in Seattle. Via New Zeal, this document shines some light on Ritchie’s contribution:


Having helped Al Franken take power despite losing the election, Ritchie is now trying to give the governorship to Mark Dayton — who like Franken is supported by the Communist Party USA. Ritchie’s ability to do this explains the campaign by George Soros to take control of Secretary of State offices throughout the country.

Rest easy, Joe McCarthy. You have been vindicated.

Mark Ritchie, election-rigging commie.

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