Eliot Spitzer Accused of Choking Woman in Fancy Hotel

‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day, and Client #9 was in the mood for romance:

Former [New York] Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the infamous “Client 9” who resigned amid a prostitution scandal, was accused of choking a woman at The Plaza hotel, law enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

Police rushed to the hotel after Svetlana Travis, 25, used her cellphone to call 911 at about 8 p.m. Saturday to say she was having a breakdown and had cut her wrist, the sources said. …

Travis “said that she told Spitzer she was going back to Russia, and he got upset and started throwing her around, choked her, threw her to the ground and threatened her.

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“She then broke a glass, cut herself and called 911.”

Sources told CNN that Travis claimed to be Spitzer’s girlfriend.

Apparently this is not the first time Spitzer indulged in choking a girl:

In her 2013 memoir, ex-prostitute Rebecca Woodward alleged that Spitzer once pinned her to a bed and choked her during a $1,500 role-playing tryst in a Murray Hill apartment.

Spitzer has not been charged with a crime in the current case. Travis is not pressing charges and may have already gone back to Russia. It could not be determined whether Spitzer was wearing midcalf black dress socks, as he famously did during his romps with the high-priced prostitute Ashley Dupre.

His conspicuous indulgence in liberal values cost Client #9 the governorship and his wife, but at least he is still living well:

The corner room, No. 1541, is at the end of a long hall and is one of the hotel’s Edwardian Suites, which are nearly twice the size of a normal room and feature Louis XV-style furnishings, gold bathroom fixtures and butler service.

Unfortunately, not even the finest of hotels can provide customers with class.

Maybe he was mad at Svetlana for swiping his dentures.

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