Establishment Media Shoves Kay Hagan Conflict of Interest Story Down Memory Hole

The story isn’t the story. The story is the establishment media spiking the story, lest it harm Kay Hagan’s chances of being reelected:

[L]urking beneath the surface of the Hagan-Tillis race is a troubling ethics issue, one that has gone virtually unreported by North Carolina’s two largest newspapers, the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer: that Kay Hagan’s family, including her attorney husband “Chip” Hagan, her son, and her son-in-law, made out like bandits under the 2009 federal “stimulus” bill championed by Senator Hagan, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate buildings owned by their companies through solar power companies which, coincidentally, were also owned by the Hagan family. Instead, coverage of this potential conflict of interest, in which Hagan’s family may have benefitted from her vote and her political connections, has been left to the tiny Carolina Journal, a blog run by North Carolina’s economic libertarian John Locke Foundation, which has run rings around the state’s larger papers in coverage of this race.

[Sunday] night it appeared that the major media embargo on the Hagan family’s dealings had finally broken, as the Charlotte Observer, the state’s largest and most influential newspaper, at last put its imprint on a story run by its partner, television station WBTV, concerning a recommendation by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources that the Hagan stimulus bundles be subjected to legal review and possible referral [to] the state Attorney General.

By [Monday] morning, the story had been memory-holed.

Fortunately, Google caches websites, even those that may have been memory-holed, for some period of time, and this story was no exception.

Today people will show whether they have figured out that they cannot trust Democrats. Hopefully they will also figure out that they cannot trust a media that is run by Democrats either.

Hagan has an equally trustworthy friend in the media.

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