Even American ‘Cowboys’ Now Government Teat Suckers

Last month when the current series of budget debates began to heat up, the ineffectual leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate thought he had a great little point against proposed tax cuts by crying that the cuts would destroy Nevada’s “Cowboy Poetry.”

Oh, the humanities.

You might recall that last month Reid ambled up to the podium on the floor of the Senate and loosed his six shooters on GOP tax cutters saying that the cuts would kill off the famous cowboy poetry event held every January in Elko, Nevada.

As idiotic as that claim is, there was a paucity of replies to Reid’s claims by the very cowboy poets that he claimed he was wearin’ the white hat for. Well, The New York Times has a piece rectifying that problem by giving speaking space to some of the cowboys involved in this taxpayers funded event.

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Sad to say, folks, now even America’s cowboys, once famous for a go-it-alone spirit, now want to suck off the government teat just like every other left-winger.

The Times spoke to several representatives of the cowboys that attend the Elko event and they agreed with Harry “the prone ranger” Reid.

The Times quotes Charlie Seemann, the executive director of the Western Folklife Center in Elko, and cowboy poets John Dofflemeyer and Paul Zarzyski who praised Reid’s gunnin’ for the GOP and his support of taxpayer’s cash going to the poet festival.

Additionally, Hal Cannon, the founding director of the Western Folklife Center, chimed in saying that the National Endowment for the Humanities (from whence the festival’s funds come) is the only reason the festival exists. He’s obviously in favor of grabbing as much from the taxpayers as he can.

Now, this is all very sad, really. American cowboys used to be thought of as the quintessentially rugged individualist, the American that set his own tone and rode his own trail. All the American cowboy used to want was to be left alone to make his own way in life, free of fences and rules imposed on him outside his own code.

But now even America’s cowboys have become greedy socialists that want to live off other people’s taxes.

It is disgusting what Democrats have done to this country.

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