Exposed: DNC Caught On VIDEO Silencing Bernie Delegates…Refusing Them ENTRY To Convention! [VIDEO]

Exposed: DNC Caught On VIDEO Silencing Bernie Delegates…Refusing Them ENTRY To Convention! [VIDEO]

Both conventions have been full of dirty tricks and manipulation. It started with Donald Trump seeding the crowd at Ted Cruz’s speech and then having his trolls whip people up by booing at Cruz. Then at the end, Trump waltzed in. Totally set up and choreographed by Paul Manafort. But that pales in comparison to what Hillary and the DNC pulled on Bernie Sanders. They blocked the entire California delegation from being seated because they were pro-Bernie. They put reserved signs on their seats – and the weren’t reserved for them. When they did get seated, they noticed that white noise speakers had been installed above their section to drown out their boos from being heard. And there was much more.


From Joe for America:

The recent email release proved the DNC was fighting against Bernie Sanders all along, but it did not slow them down.

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Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the DNC are actively silencing dissent from his delegates using “White Noise” machines and blocking seats in the convention hall. They are also hindering the press from covering the protests,

So much for the freedom of speech and the socialist wing of the Democrat party. Like all other groups, the Democrats have used them and tossed them aside like an old rag.

Then in a copycat version of Trump, Clinton seeded her convention audience as well. Whenever Bernie Sanders protesters started booing and jeering, people in the crowd started yelling, “Hillary, Hillary!” And the Sanders person would then be removed. That didn’t happen once… it happened over and over again. During great sections of the DNC convention, many if not most of the seating was empty. Delegates did not attend out of protest over the rigging of the nomination that was uncovered for the world to see by WikiLeaks. Sanders delegates were actually blocked from entry into the convention as well. This was the dirtiest set of conventions I have seen in my lifetime. Just staggering.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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