Fed-Up Driver PLOWS THROUGH Pipeline Rioters Blocking the Street [VIDEO]

Fed-Up Driver PLOWS THROUGH Pipeline Rioters Blocking the Street [VIDEO]

With all the idiocy that is plaguing our nation because…Obama’s America, one of the most obnoxious would have to be the ‘stupid’ that is taking over the streets of major cities.

Protesters…they are everywhere and protesting everything and anything under the sun. Yes, professional butt-hurt protesters is what we have here folks. If we could separate the people who are protesting with reason from those that are out there protesting but don’t actually know any of the facts about what they are protesting about… well, that would substantially lower the amount of nutcases we’d have to deal with.

No facts, or evidence to substantiate their actions, but there they are fighting like they would die for it. Some of them probably would. Dying over hurt feelings? That’s truly first class stupid.

But…to each their own. I guess.

Here is a video that was captured during one of these protests and you will see the type of protester I am talking about. The ones that are getting into the roads and blocking traffic on freeways, roads and airport travel ways. They are posted up like they are ready to go to war… man against machine. Or rather…man vs vehicle and vehicle’s driver.

They have no shame and obviously no job or care about other responsibilities they may have to their kids, because they are out there each day causing havoc and acting like they own the place.

Here’s a situation where they did just that and learned the hard way that they don’t own…a damn thing when it comes to blocking us from getting to and from our destinations.

This driver doesn’t plow into the protesters, but listen carefully to how the reporter on the story describes the story like she’s horrified and can’t believe what the driver is doing.

You kidding me? They are lucky that the driver didn’t ram them to kingdom come.

It’s a good thing I don’t live in the big cities… I was raised old school. You just don’t act a fool like these protesters are; you act like a fool you might just get knocked up the side of your head by someone who is trying to help you come to your senses.

True story…heh.

Here’s the video… enjoy!

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