Felons Put Franken Over the Top

It’s no secret why our Democrat rulers will not tolerate the enforcement of immigration law: Third World peasants, who will be the first to wind up on welfare as taxes and regulations strangle the economy, reliably vote for them. The same is true of felons — fortunately for lame comedian and unhinged ultra-left blowhard Al Franken, who rode their illegal votes into the Senate:

A new study by the Minnesota Majority found that at least 341 convicted felons in heavily Democratic Minneapolis-St. Paul who voted illegally in the 2008 Senate race. And it looks quite likely that felons gave Franken his narrow Senate victory.

The six month vote recount in the Senate race was a torturous process. The morning after November 4, 2008 election, Senator Norm Coleman lead Al Franken by 725 votes. Correcting for typos cut Coleman’s margin to 215, and a recount by all the counties reduced it further to 192.

Once the state canvassing board had looked into the intent of voters and counted 953 previously rejected absentee ballots, the final total had reversed that count and handed Franken a 312 vote victory.

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This should not be a surprise, especially after the results of the Minnesota Majority study. With this small number of votes separating the two candidates even just hundreds of illegal voters can alter the outcome. By any measure, felons overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

This is because they share Democrats’ moral outlook, believing in coercion and self-indulgence as devoutly as patriots believe in liberty and responsibility. They also share the Dems’ economic outlook: wealth is something you let others create, then seize. This is why Bill Clinton took 93% of the felon vote in 1996.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats want to broaden the felon vote, so that they won’t have to cheat as much as they did in Minnesota — and can be expected to do on a massive scale in 2012, when the Community Organizer in Chief falls back on his ACORN/Black Panther base to spare him from the wrath of those voters who wish this country well and are not criminals or parasites.

al franken
The felon’s choice.

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