Ferguson Police Officer ‘Broke Down in Tears’ After Obama’s DOJ Called Department ‘Racists’

“We are good cops,” a Ferguson police officer insisted as he broke down in tears after Obama’s politicized report on the Ferguson, Missouri police department released by the Department of Justice this week called the whole department racists.

Obama’s cowardly report is full of contradictions and simply lies about the Ferguson cops.

A serving Ferguson police officer revealed that he broke down in tears after he read the Department of Justice report which condemned his force and said: ‘I just close my eyes and wish it wasn’t like that’.

The officer said that his colleagues were ‘good cops’ and that they were ‘hurting’ just like the rest of the community.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online he said they were all standing behind embattled Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson but were fearful they would lose their jobs if the department was shut down.

He said: ‘People who don’t know me see me and then they hate me. That’s not fair….I’m not going to hate people because they are venting.

‘It’s tough but I still have to get to work.

‘I have to take it because they are venting and we have to let them vent, but I will protect this city, I will protect Ferguson’.

Firstly the OBama report says that the whole “hands up don’t shoot” claim is a blatant lie and that Officer Wilson did absolutely nothing at all wrong. Then it goes on to call all the Ferguson cops racists anyway! You can’t have it both ways, OBama.

Warner Todd Huston

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