Finger-Waving, Child-Like Protestors Refuse to Allow Left-Wing Congressman to Address Crowd

This is the funniest thing I have ever…

This is the funniest thing I’ve ever….

Seen in my life.

Seen in my life.

A bunch of child-like protesters in Atlanta, Georgia refused left-wing Congressman John Lewis — a civil rights icon to many — to be allowed to address the crowd this weekend. The whole scene is reminiscent of the worst, hackneyed, new agie-styled preschool program devised for 5-year-olds by one of the most idiotic leftists imaginable. But it makes for hilarious video entertainment.

Apparently these people decided that their “assembly” would employ pure democracy. But if there was ever a more annoying way to do it, I’ve never seen it.

A scraggly, bearded, hippie wannabe playing the part of the crowd’s conscience spoke to those gathered over a megaphone system. He would say a few words and the crowd would, like five-year-olds in a preschool class, repeat his words verbatim.

It went something like this:

Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy: “We have someone here…”
Dirty, Ground-Sitting Hippie Crowd in Unison: “We have someone here…”
Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy: “Who would like to address the assembly…”
Dirty, Ground-Sitting Hippie Crowd in Unison: “Who would like to address the assembly…”

So, Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy explains to the crowd that they don’t “use clapping” in their “assembly” because clapping can “prevent someone else who is addressing the assembly from being heard.” So, to “signal approval” the crowd is instructed to raise their hands and wiggle their fingers. I swear I saw this on Barney the Dinosaur show.

Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy then informs Dirty, Ground-Sitting Hippie Crowd that any one member of the crowd can offer a “block” or a “check” to the request. Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy then asks if everyone wants to hear from Congressman Lewis? One guy pipes up and claims that even though Lewis has a great record he is not important enough to hear from because he is “just one man.”

Meanwhile, others disagree. Short, Tubby, Cross Eyed Girl rises to say that Lewis should speak but that listening to him does not mean that he is “better than anyone else.”

More “blocks” or “checks” come. In the speak and repeat style these people “check” back and forth until, after eight minutes Lewis is denied the platform

Meanwhile, the guy taking the video is gobsmacked that they are refusing to allow the civil rights icon to talk. It’s all just hilarious as all get out.

You have got to see this video. It really is the funniest thing you’ll ever see. In fact, it is a perfect example of why pure democracy is one of the silliest ideas ever devised by man. Because a few goofs didn’t want to hear from a sitting congressman, he was denied a platform to speak. These people turned away a guy that might have had the power to help them in their cause — what ever the heck that is — because in an act of pure democracy, he was not allowed to speak.

This is why movements need leaders, need agendas, need particular people to guide it. Other wise it is all an exercise in futility. And this video is the most perfect example of futility as one can imagine. Lots of “dialog,” lots of “voting,” lots of feels-good-communalism…. but no action, no purpose no usefulness to the gathering resulted.

Also amusing is the fact that these nuts want to pretend they don’t have leaders. But even they had to have someone take the megaphone and direct the activity, even as silly as it was. Yet, I am sure that Anorexic Hippie Megaphone Guy would have fully denied he was the leader of the crowd. Unfortunately for his self-delusion, he was the leader whether he would have liked to admit it or not.

All one can do is shake one’s head at the foolishness of this crowd of left-wing lunatics.

On the other hand, maybe we conservatives should welcome this nonsense? If this sort of masturbatory, wheel-spinning is all the left can muster any more, we have nothing to fear from them!

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