Florida Democrat caught buying something so funny, you’ll have to see it to believe it

Florida Democrat caught buying something so funny, you’ll have to see it to believe it

Uh yeah… dude… haven’t you ever heard of the Internet? You are a public figure and you are recognizable. In fact, someone indeed recognized Florida Democrat Joe Garcia as he was shopping for… wait for it… dildos. Tsk, tsk, tsk… another randy mongoose on the loose it would seem.

Politicians overall seem to have a very hard time (no pun intended, much) keeping it in their pants. He didn’t notice that someone was using their phone to video him. Or he didn’t care. Maybe he thinks it will win him the perv vote, or give him liberal street cred. SMH.



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From Fire Andrea Mitchell!:

Florida Democrat Joe Garcia is running for Congress in Florida’s 26th district. In hopes of luring some voting block, Joe Garcia went shopping for dildos. Of course the media has completely ignored this story since Garcia isn’t a Republican.



What’s even worse is this isn’t really being covered by the media at all. I think it should be – fair game and all that. If this were a Republican, you can bet it would be front page news.

The Miami New Times opined that we now live in a day and age when a former congressman running for his old job can’t peruse the sex toy aisle at Spencer’s in peace. Just ask Joe Garcia, who is leading polls in the Democratic primary for the 26th congressional district currently occupied by Carlos Curbelo, the Republican he most likely will face off against in November.

Someone snapped a photo of Garcia standing in front of a vast array of dildos and vibrators at the novelty chain’s store at the Dolphin Mall. Wearing a crisp white guayabera and dress slacks, Garcia holds a couple of boxes of sex toys. “That was him buying a gift at the Dolphin Mall,” said Garcia campaign spokesman Juan Peñalosa. He declined further comment.

I bet. Let the puns begin… bloggers do what you do and have fun with it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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