Former Clinton Campaign Adviser Compares Palestinians Stabbing Jews to Climate Change [Video]

Former Clinton Campaign Adviser Compares Palestinians Stabbing Jews to Climate Change [Video]

This is just insane. Former Clinton Campaign Adviser, Richard Goodstein, compared Palestinians stabbing Israelis to climate change. His reasoning was almost incoherent. He brings up a subject that literally has nothing to do with terrorism and the Third Intifada to make some kind of point. Because you know, killing Jews is just like the seas rising, freezing to death in minutes and all the other hysterical bull crap of this climate change nonsense. It’s not complicated at all… Palestinians want to kill Jews. Jews have a right to protect themselves.

Richard Goodstein

From Gateway Pundit:


Democratic activist and lobbyist Richard Goodstein compared Palestinians killing Jews to climate change.

What lunacy.

Because killing Jews is like junk science.

Richard Goodstein1

This is the nuttiness coming from the American left today under thought leader Barack Obama.

Is this guy defending the Israelis or not? Is he saying Obama is wrong about putting Palestinians and Israelis at the same table? What does Jeb Bush have to do with this? This guy seems to be mentally impaired. He’s addressing the issue by changing the issue. I think he went there because he didn’t want to talk about Israelis dying. Goodstein is also a 9/11 Truther. He’s a raving moonbat, idiot. All you need to know is that he was aligned with Clinton to figure out he’s nuts, corrupt and alarmist. Please tell me how knifing, shooting, running down and stoning Jews is like climate change? In the video below, a cleric brandishes a knife and tells his congregation to kill Jews. I doubt he’s thinking about global warming as he symbolically stabs an Israeli to death.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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