Former Clinton Insider Drops Bombshell on National Television That Should End Hillary’s 2016 Hopes

Talk about a war on women – Hillary Clinton’s war on women takes the cake. Dick Morris left the Clinton camp expressly because Hillary covered up Bill’s rapes and infidelities. She knew exactly what Bill was doing. So, she gathers blackmail material on every woman he violated and silences them. I believe she would have done much worse if she could have gotten away with it.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Dick Morris, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton, said Friday it was then-First Lady Hillary Clinton’s response to the many attacks on her husband’s character by women that caused the split between him and the Clintons.

Speaking with host Larry King on Friday’s “Politicking,” Morris said that Hillary Clinton hired a “fleet of detectives” to dig up dirt on her husband’s accusers in order to threaten them into silence and cover up the truth — an activity for which Hillary is not exactly unknown.

Bill Clinton’s womanizing had been well-documented before this, of course. His dalliance with White House intern Monica Lewinsky led to the president’s impeachment by the House. Sen. Rand Paul has called the former president a sexual predator and demanded the Democrats return funds raised by him. Former Gov. Mitt Romney labelled him an embarrassment to the United States.

But to be called “Nixonian” by such a formerly close political adviser as Morris is surely not likely to do Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential aspirations any good.

“What really turned me off was what I call the secret police,” Morris told King. “When she [Hillary] hired this fleet of detectives to go around examining all of the woman who had been identified with Clinton. Not for the purpose of divorcing Clinton. Not for the purpose of getting him to stop. But for the purpose of developing blackmail material on these woman to cow them into silence. That had a Nixonian quality to it that I hold against her and I continue to.” (H/T Breitbart)

She was an absolute embarrassment as Secretary of State – incompetent and uncaring as people died around her. As blood spilled, she was boozing it into the night, partying with women across the globe. Someone capable of making Nixon look like a saint and who is this cold-blooded should not be allowed anywhere near public office, much less the Presidency. Morris literally knows where the bodies are buried and the extent of soulless debauchery that this woman is capable of. Hillary is sooo much more than a cold-blooded Marxist – she is frightening.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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