Free Training Booklets for Tea Party Activists

The Heartland Institute has a great resource it is calling the “Tea Party Tool Box” where Tea Party activists can get some great booklets to help them train and operate their new political activities.

Says the Heartland Institute:

We will ship the following booklets to you free of charge to share with other Tea Party Patriots at your meetings and rallies. These brief, easy-to-read materials will arm you with facts and solutions — and leave you more informed on the issues than your average member of Congress.

Offered are such titles as “The Patriot’s Toolbox,” and various booklets on energy policy, healthcare and school choice.

The Patriot’s Toolbox is described thusly:

This book is offered as a guide to public policy for patriot-activists in the Tea Party movement as well as for candidates for public office, incumbent office holders, civic and business leaders, and journalists assigned to cover the movement. It consists of eight chapters, all previously published by The Heartland Institute as booklets in a series called Legislative Principles

At the site activists can either download versions of the booklets or order hard copies to be sent to them via the mail.

To request free copies of these publications fill out the form at the bottom of the Heartland order page or call 312/377-4000 and ask for Keely Drukala or Zack Christenson.

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