Friday Stupid: Holder Admits He Hasn’t Read The Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill

Personally, I would think it rather important to actually read the Arizona illegal immigration law before you criticize it, much less say you are considering suing, wouldn’t you say? It’s not like it is a really big bill (perhaps Holder could spend some time reading the ObamaCare bill and see if it violates the Constitution) or anything, just slightly more than 17 pages of actual text. Anyhow, self pawn

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., who has been critical of Arizona’s new immigration law, said Thursday he hasn’t yet read the law and is going by what he’s read in newspapers or seen on television.

Mr. Holder is conducting a review of the law, at President Obama’s request, to see if the federal government should challenge it in court. He said he expects he will read the law by the time his staff briefs him on their conclusions.

“I’ve just expressed concerns on the basis of what I’ve heard about the law. But I’m not in a position to say at this point, not having read the law, not having had the chance to interact with people are doing the review, exactly what my position is,” Mr. Holder told the House Judiciary Committee.

Seriously? He couldn’t take the time to at least read it before coming to the meeting, perhaps while he was being driven in to D.C.? The top law enforcement official in the land? It was signed April 23rd. Holder had 22 days to read it prior to that meeting. Perhaps read it before he appears on Meet The Press and other news talk show? Just 17 pages, should take about 15 minutes, with understanding, tops. Especially when he is running around slamming the legislation left and right.

has the full transcript, in which Rep. Ted Poe (R-Tx) smacks him around, and we have video of Holder’s idiocy

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