From My Facebook Feed: What Caused the D.C. Earthquake?

Here are some of the jokes that appeared on my FaceBook Page about what caused the earthquake in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area the other day.

I started the ball rolling with this:

Wait, is it true that the DC quake was triggered by someone dropping a copy of the Obamacare bill??

My friend Matt added:

Maybe it was the total bill for all of Michelle’s vacations.

Leo said:

Actually, it was the precipitous tanking of Obama’s approval ratings.

John then said:

I thought the planet would begin to heal after Obama was elected. Another broken campaign promise!

Jay averred:

No! the quake was George Bush’s fault.

I added:

White House Press release: “Yesterday’s earthquake has been identified as having run from Texas to Vir. It’s the Bush’s Fault Line.”

Bob said:

Michael Moore fell out of bed.

John R insisted:

It was the US Tax Code.

Doug snickered:

No, someone knocked over a stack of the tax code.

Erik corrected:

John, Doug – dropping the us tax code is at least a 7.0

Doug countered:

But tipping the stack over (as opposed to dropping it) is good for a 5.8 or so!

Erik replied:

New flash – it was not an earthquake – it was a 142 trillion dollar check – bouncing.

Ah, yes, my Facebook friends are a laugh a minute. We must laugh in the face of all this destruction wrought by Obama and his Democrat Party, after all. We must laugh or we’d collapse in despair!

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