Gladys Carrion to Head NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services

Elections have consequences. A consequence of NYC electing the adolescent communist Bill de Blasio is going to be party time for leftists and their constituency. Among those you can expect to see staggering around with a lampshade on her head is Gladys Carrion, his pick to head the Administration for Children’s Services:

“She’s devoted her whole life to our children,” de Blasio said in announcing his choice. Well, she’s certainly been popular among some youths serving time at New York’s prisons.

Three years ago, you see, the state Office of Children and Family Services, which Carrion headed, organized a “social” for violent residents of the Goshen Secure Center. As The Post was first to report, OCFS workers chauffeured four females, including a 15-year-old and a suspected prostitute, to the event for a wild party – security cameras caught numerous sex acts – with an equal number of inmates, including three murderers.

Though intended as a “reward” for good behavior, it turned out all of the specially selected party-goers (one of whom had sent the prostitute $100) had lengthy disciplinary records, including violent assaults.

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Criminals and their sympathizers are going to be in charge now, as de Blasio has made clear.

By the way, here’s how defines the nominee’s name:

1. dead and putrefying flesh.
2. rottenness; anything vile.

A few years under de Blasio, and people will be calling New York “Carrion City.”

Carrion spots a circling vulture.

On tips from Dr. 9 and Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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