Glenn Beck Leader of Republican Party

As scary as this may sound… Glenn Beck might actually have more power than anybody else representing the republican party. As the republican party seemingly has no leader in their ranks, at least one that can represent the voice of the people. Even though Glenn Beck is an independent, he represents more republicans than the republican party. The resignation of Van Jones signals that Glenn Beck’s words do not fall on deaf ears. The view’s of Glenn Beck have been labeled “extreme” from just about everyone on the left. Van Jones views are arguably just as extreme, if not more so. link

Glenn Beck’s ratings are arguably the highest among cable “news” network programs. Glenn Beck, at the horrible 5pm time slot, are getting ratings that are right under the likes of Bill O’Reilly, and surpassing Sean Hannity. Those two programs appear in FoxNews prime time lineup just imagine if Glenn Beck took over the Hannity slot. Just for reference Glenn Beck is being watched by almost three times as many people who watch Keith Olbermann who is msnbc’s best watched program. ( Source )

Glenn Beck is being attacked himself, as we so duly noted in our story about Glenn Beck being called a rapist and a murderer. Perhaps attacking Glenn Beck and boycotting his advertisers is backfiring for the left, as the controversy is helping Glenn Beck significantly. If you are successfully getting advertisers to not advertise on Glenn Beck’s program, but at the same time increasing his ratings by a large margin… you are doing nothing but breaking even. My view is, let the man say what he wants, it is cable news mind you… If Glenn Beck was on network news, that would be a different story. Glenn Beck says things that are not any worse than Olbermann or Bill O’Reilly, and I argue if you hate Fox News, you have to hate MSNBC. You cannot argue that MSNBC is any better, or less one sided, than is FOX News.

Glenn Beck has a following that is a cross between Rush Limbaugh supporters and Ron Paul supporters, something that has much more power than what the left has seen before. These people are upset, and they know how to successfully handle things in a grassroots fashion. Glenn Beck is not a typical republican, his views line up closer to the hybrid mix of libertarianism and conservatism, much like Ron Paul himself.

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