GOP Beating Dems In 8 Of 10 Open House Seats

Not shocking, really. What are the Democrat candidates going to say “I support Obama and Pelosi and their America destroying agenda?” Actually, what they are doing is what most other Dems are doing: running away from Obama and Pelosi and everything they stand for. So, voters say “why vote for a wishy washy fake Republican, when I can vote for an actual Republican”

Republicans are winning eight out of 10 competitive open House seats surveyed in a groundbreaking new poll by The Hill.

Taken on top of 11 GOP leads out of 12 freshman Democratic districts polled last week, The Hill 2010 Midterm Election Poll points toward 19 Republican victories out of 22 races, while Democrats win only two and one is tied.

How’s that hopey changey thing working out for you, Barack?

Republican candidates have taken big leads in two districts Democrats have held for nearly a century and a half-century, respectively, according to The Hill’s survey. A Republican is also ahead in the heavily Democratic district that contains President Obama’s hometown of Honolulu.

Many races are tight – 12 of the 22 fall within the margin of error – but the margins, though slim, preponderantly favor the GOP.

And the news gets worse and worse for Democrats, who thought that the 2008 elections were a mandate to fundamentally change America, rather than simply a repudiation of the way Republicans had been governing (which was more like the way Democrats govern,) not too mention McCain blowing it with his “I’m suspending my campaign to go to Washington” idiocy, and then not doing anything to help fix the economic problems.

The president continues to be a factor for voters in picking their next member of Congress. In the 10 open seats polled, a majority of voters said Obama will be an important consideration when they go to the ballot box.

Aren’t you glad you went along with the Obama progressive agenda, Dems?

Anyhow, read the whole article, lots and lots of chocolaty goodness in the article (the sad part about writing that line is that I had to think twice about leaving it in, since I could be accused of being a raaaaacist). Meanwhile, Fred Barnes lays out four reasons that will lead to a Democrat election nightmare.

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