GOT HER! Maxine Waters BUSTED Dipping Into The Cookie Jar!

GOT HER! Maxine Waters BUSTED Dipping Into The Cookie Jar!

We all know Maxine Waters to be a reliable source of ridiculous and factually questionable information. More than once she’s said things so absurd we had to make sure she wasn’t quoting The Onion.

That being said, there is nothing funny about the way she claims to be an advocate for the poor and at the same time engages in hypocritical levels of nepotism.

Maxine Waters’ daughter, Karen Waters, is in charge of a “slate mailer” operation for the Citizens for Waters committee, Rep. Waters’ campaign committee. Her job? Collect money from politicians in exchange for mailing out fliers showing Waters’ support for said politician.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the Waters campaign pulled in an impressive $300,000 from upwards of 20 payments made in exchange for her endorsement.

Did this money go to making sure poor people have the resources they need to climb up the economic ladder?

Of course not.

“…Karen Waters collected $65,287 throughout the 2016 cycle to run the slate mailer operation. Karen, along with her firm Progressive Connections, has received nearly $650,000 in payments from Citizens for Waters since 2006.”

Federal Election Commission filings show that Waters owes her daughter $108,952.15. Karen has collected a hefty $750,000 since the beginning of her career in 2006.

Is this how Waters represents the underprivileged? By making her daughter rich? Most of Waters’ constituents combined won’t make $750,000 in their lifetimes, but believe that she is dedicated to making their lives better.

The problem with most liberals is that they pay plenty of lip service to communities who have little more than hope to live on.

In Right Wing News owner John Hawkins’ new book, 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, he tells people that “if you want to know what someone really believes, watch their actions.” Clearly Waters’ actions show that she’s not, in fact, concerned about helping the poor. She’s concerned with making her own family rich.


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