Great: One of the Most Violent Union Thugs Now Appearing With Thug Teachers in Wisconsin

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has decided to flock to the side of thug Wisconsin teachers on Friday. This should not be much of a surprise. Trumka understands that this battle could serve to galvanize anti-union sympathies all across the country, and rightfully so. With the hate and “violent rhetoric” being employed by these thug teachers with very little legitimate provocation these teachers are quickly proving that they aren’t sympathetic figures. In any case, Trumka hopes to turn the sliding sympathies back in his favor.

It should also not surprise anyone that Trumka, one of the most vile, violent thugs in upper echelons of uniondom, has flocked to the side of unionistas that have employed some of the most vile rhetoric and characterizations of their enemy, the people of Wisconsin.

And make no mistake about it. These thug teachers are not fighting over mere politics. They are fighting the very people who send their children to them everyday. These thug teachers are fighting the entire electorate, hoping to further defraud them of money, desirous of keeping their union snouts firmly in the tax payer funded feeding trough, and intent on stealing as much from the people as possible.

As to Trumka, I’ve written about this violent creep many times. His violent past is a shining example of the sort of low character intrinsic in unions. Trumka has a long history of violence and was even up to his neck in a murder in 1993.

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So a man involved in constant union violence and a murder is standing with these thug teachers in Wisconsin. Remember, people, these are the folks influencing our children every day!

Doug Ross has a compilation of some 15 of the most egregious signs being toted around by the union thugs in Wisconsin.

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