Gulf Oil Spill: Guess Who Was The Top BP Donation Recipient, Plus Ex Post Facto

If you guess Barack Hussein Obama, take a shot of tequila (via Jammie Wearing Fool). Open Secrets posted this story back on the 30th

During the 2008 election cycle, individuals and political action committees associated with BP — a Center for Responsive Politics’ “heavy hitter” — contributed half a million dollars to federal candidates. About 40 percent of these donations went to Democrats. The top recipient of BP-related donations during the 2008 cycle was President Barack Obama himself, who collected $71,000.

As JMF mentions, do you think Obama will return the money as he goes on his demonization bender against BP? Will the media call for the return of the money? Will anyone on the Left whine about Obama being a big oil man, like they would if Bush was president? Yeah, right, on all three.

Obama was also the top recipient of Exxon Mobile money in 2008. And Chevron. Hmm.

Meanwhile, we always wonder if Democrats have ever read the Constitution. For these three, that would be a big “NO!” BP has stated that they will pay all “legitimate claims” for the spill. One problem: the law limits their exposure to $75 million dollars

….$75 million wouldn’t go very far considering the amount of economic losses that may be experienced by the fishing and tourism industries alone, sectors responsible for billions of dollars of annual economic activity.

So several Senate Democrats have introduced legislation that would raise that cap to $10 billion.

An excerpt from a statement by Senators Robert Menendez (D-N.J), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Bill Nelson (D-FL.) said

Article 1 Section 9: No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

Now, don’t misunderstand: I want BP to pay all they should pay, if the suits have merit. I’ve said many times that I am an environmentalist, and this “spill” will cause serious damage for a long time to come. It may have been an accident, but, they are still responsible. And, if they are wise, they will ignore the $75 million cap and pay out, with a fixed smile on their faces, all legitimate claims at reasonable rates. But, Democrats cannot simply change a law retroactively. If anything, they should pass a law that says that BP cannot raise the price of their goods to offset any costs of the spill.

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