Ha! Guess what the number one question Googled on Clinton during Dem debate was

Ha! Guess what the number one question Googled on Clinton during Dem debate was

Oh, come on! Guess! The answer is… “Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?” Gee, who would have figured that the most interesting thing about Clinton last night was exactly when she would don an orange pantsuit behind bars? Who knew? Most of America I’ll bet. What surprises me is the third and fifth most asked questions. The third one is, “What did Hillary Clinton do that was illegal?” Wow, there are huge, thick books on that subject alone. Number five was, “Is Hillary Clinton a Democrat?” You’re kidding right? Boy, American voters need to get a clue and fast if they don’t even know what party the Hildabeast belongs to. But it sure is telling that the most asked question was not on her stances on the issues, but whether she will got to jail or not. Epic.

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From TheBlaze:

“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?”

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That was the number one question googled about the Democratic frontrunner during Sunday night’s Democratic debate, according to the search engine.

The number three question was, “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?”

More Americans in all 50 states Googled on Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed ‘Democratic socialist,’ than any other candidate on stage. That is very troubling, but predictable. The clean sweep extended even to Mississippi, Nevada and South Dakota, the only three states where Hillary Clinton was the most-searched Democratic presidential contender going into the five-candidate event. Did anyone even watch that snooze-fest last night? I can’t imagine subjecting myself to that kind of killer boredom. Google Trends, the data analysis arm of the Internet’s biggest search giant, showed in detail that Web surfers weren’t looking for the finer points of Bernie’s tax policy. More than anything else they wanted to find out how old he is. The same is true of Hillary. (Sanders is 74 and Clinton is 67.) Yeah, they are both old and white. No one even knew who the other three candidates were that were on stage with Sanders and Clinton. Seriously. With Sanders, they also sought answers about whether he’s married and if he’s a Democrat or a socialist. Well, duh! He’s both and there’s no difference anyway. By the looks of the Google questions, I’d say Clinton is in real trouble. Couldn’t happen to a more vile Marxist.


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