Head of Ohio Democrat Party Drops F-Bomb on Voters

Unable to deal with the onrushing wrath of the public they’ve abused, Democrat apparatchiks are coming apart:

The head of the Ohio Democratic Party is brushing off his description of Tea Partiers and other opponents of President Obama’s health care law as “f–kers,” saying he shares a penchant for blurting with Vice President Biden.

“It is what it is,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern told Fox News regarding his Monday appearance at an endorsement event by the United Steelworkers for several Ohio Democrats, including Gov. Ted Strickland.

Here’s video.

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What kind of American’s are “f–kers,” according to our Democrat rulers? Those who oppose communism:

Redfern said during his remarks he was lamenting “people in this state who look at health care as a privilege, not a right.”

Asserting that you have a “right” to goods and services provided by others, irrespective of your willingness to pay for them, sounds good to bleeding heart liberals who don’t have the brainpower to think things through, but it is not compatible with the most basic tenets of liberty. If other people have a “right” to your labor, then you are a slave. Notwithstanding the outlandish lies fed us by progressives, the state of medical facilities in Cuba illustrates that an economy based on slavery is not efficient enough to provide adequate healthcare for anyone but the ruling class.

The more people understand this, the more right Dems like Redfern are to panic.

Soon to get a spanking, Redfern wallows in a foul-mouthed funk.

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