Health Travesty Passes, Fish Wrap Blames The Right For Partisanship

Amazingly, after Democrats have crafted bill to replace bill to replace bill in the dark of night, in closed session, which only included Democrats, after they shut Republicans and Republican ideas completely out – not to mention any ideas, such as came from John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods – it is somehow, in Grey Lady Liberal World Barking Moonbat World, the fault of those on the Right for rank partisanship

Democrats United, but No Republican Votes for Measure

That is the headline the times uses for the passing of this historic infamous legislation.In another story, which is their “news analysis”, which means an editorial on page A1 of the December 24th edition, we get

The vote on Monday, in the dead of night, was 60 to 40. The vote on Tuesday, just after daybreak, was 60 to 39. And the vote on Wednesday afternoon, at a civil hour but after less-than-civil debate, was 60 to 39 again – an immutable tally that showed Democrats unwavering in the march to adopt a far-reaching overhaul of the health care system over united Republican opposition.

The votes also marked something else: the culmination of more than a generation of partisan polarization of the American political system, and a precipitous decline in collegiality and collaboration in governing that seemed to move in inverse proportion to a rising influence of lobbying, money, the 24-hour news cycle and hostilities on talk shows and in the blogosphere.

Talks shows? They mean talk radio, which is predominantly Conservative, since Liberals have failed miserably in most attempts. The blogosphere? They mean mostly you folks on the right. The 24 hour news cycle? Fox News. Throughout the article, the Fish Wrap cites Democrat after Democrat and their opinions, blaming Republicans, until finally getting to a tepid response from Orrin Hatch. Of course, there is no mention that poll after poll shows the majority of Americans are against this. And, what, exactly, is it? Going back to the first article, the Times inadvertently tells the truth

The Senate voted Thursday to reinvent the nation’s health care system, passing a bill to guarantee access to health insurance for tens of millions of Americans and to rein in health costs as proposed by President Obama.

Reinvent the nation’s health care system. In other words, replace it with something totally different. Guarantee access through eventual single payer. Rein in costs through rationing (of course, costs are going to skyrocket.)

Say, I wonder where are the stories were about partisan vitriol when Bush was in charge?

But, anyhow, are we partisan? You betcha! We on the Right love America. We understand that there are some problems. What country doesn’t? Let’s address and attempt to fix the problems, not create all new ones. And now is the time for the GOP to get their talking points straight, and focus on the overall damage this will do, and forget about the minutia. Yes, things like the bribes, abortion funding, and other things are important, but, we have to see the forest through the trees, and make sure the People know about the forest.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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