Hell Hath No More Childish Fury Than Andrea Mitchell and Robert Gibbs Scorned

Hell Hath No More Childish Fury Than Andrea Mitchell and Robert Gibbs Scorned

The tale of warning first starts with Andrea Mitchell. A few months ago, Andrea Mitchell was:  spotted stalking Sarah Palin at a book signing, scornfully waving a copy of Newsweek magazine (apparently, it’s still in publication. Who knew?) : It is obvious that Mitchell is totally obsessed with:  Sarah Palin, and her absolute FURY at Palin was abundantly evident in the look on her face.

Why the undisguised anger, Andrea? : Were you actually waving a copy of Newsweek or was it a slam book that you, in a jealous rage, frantically scrawled in the night before?

Fast forward to earlier this week when Andrea Mitchell displayed her obsessive envy once again on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show.

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ANDREA MITCHELL: She went after him on the teleprompter issue, you know, we need more, we need somebody who doesn’t, I don’t remember the exact words, who doesn’t use a teleprompter, gives a great speech and uses a teleprompter. Then it was noted by: Gawker that she looked down at her hand during the Q. and A. and that on her hand she had written her top three points: energy and budget cuts and optimism.

So I figured I would do the same thing today, just in case the prompter broke. I had, I knew that I was going to be on with Chuck and Mika.:  But then I saw Joe that you were over on the Today show, so I figured I had to cross you out and put Chuck in.:  It’s a great deal: if you can put all your policy pronouncements on your hand.

Wow, Andrea. Some journalistic integrity you have there, openly attempting to ridicule a politically public figure. I say attempting, because it was totally lame. That offends me, as one who enjoys mocking and ridicule; at least make it funny. And, you know, in reference to something that is actually:  deserving of mockage.

It can’t be solely due to the vast differences in your appearances; as a:  Feminist, I’m sure looks don’t matter to you. All those times that you enlightened:  feminist-types and alleged journalists sneer over Sarah Palin being a “Beauty Queen” and when you all go into convulsions over her sexy shoes, that’s not about looks, right?

Maybe it’s the fact that Sarah Palin goes home to super cute Todd and you go home to the icky Alan Greenspan ( it’s okay to poke fun at the looks of a man, right Feminists? I assume they don’t count, being evil oppressors and all.)

I do hope that Sarah Palin has extra security when you are around, Andrea. I have three words for her to heed: Single White Female.

The tale continues with Robert Gibbs, transparently toolish, as always. Oh,:  so hilarious,Robert Gibbs ! Stay classy, Press Secretary to:  the President of the United States! Too bad you are actually like the tenth media person/public figure to make that alleged joke, Gibbs.

Gibbsy, you are way behind the curve, as always. Even the buffoonish, and:  creepily obsessed,: Andrea Mitchell beat you to it! Plus, a joke no longer works when the butt of the joke has already poked fun at herself. Although, I can see how you wouldn’t be used to that; the Obama administration does not seem to know about a little thing called self-deprecating humor.

See, not thinking that you are a perfect being, beyond reproach, is how most people behave. It’s one of those “little people” skills. You should look into it. I bet you expected Palin to act like: your: boss and start crying and bemoaning the big meany pantsers.

I am going to be a “decider” now. My decision? Palin rocks. You stink. I also have a note on my hand and it says “Sorry, Gibbs. But she’s just not that into you.”

She’s getting to you, isn’t she, White House and sycophantic Obama fans? She’s really getting under your super-thin skin. Now:  that is really hope-y, change-y.

(Excerpts from posts cross-posted at Horowitz’s NewsReal and iowntheworld)

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