Here’s What NO ONE Noticed During Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech [VIDEO]

Here’s What NO ONE Noticed During Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech [VIDEO]

The Democratic National Convention is this week and we’re watching it so you don’t have to.

Seriously, we don’t get paid enough for this.

But while we’re on the topic of women who get paid to say things, there is ONE thing that was mentioned during the FLOTUS’ speech that it would appear nobody caught.

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From BizPac Review:

It seems like just yesterday that first lady Michelle Obama was telling everyone how mean the United States was, but according to her speech Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, America “is the greatest country on Earth.”

The first lady also made a remark that should have Black Lives Matter supporters as well as Fox News anchor Shepard Smith seeing red.

If you’re feeling sassy, feel free to click on the Tweet and see the kinds of ridiculous things people are saying about Michelle Obama such as “She should be President” and my personal favorite “I wish we could have Obama forever.”

Oddly enough, Mrs. Obama later goes on to take a swipe at Donald Trump by saying:

“Don’t let anyone say the U.S. needs to be made great again — this is the greatest country on Earth.

That’s odd, coming from the woman who had the balls to say that she was “proud of her country for the first time” at 43 years old. Methinks someone is lying.

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