HHS Ruler With Unfettered Power Tells Us Why ObamaCare Is Grrrrrr-reat!

I wonder if Kathleen Sebelius has considered that she won’t always be the head of Health and Human Services, and that a Republican President could put a Republican in place who will have the same unfettered power to change everything up. Anyhow, she pens an op-ed for the Politico, telling us why the legislation that a clear majority of Americans want repealed is super awesome, in light of it going before the Supreme Court in two weeks

When the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the Affordable Care Act later this month, it will not be the first to consider its constitutionality.

Congress carefully weighed its authority in writing the law. And a majority of lower-court judges who have ruled on it, including some of the leading conservatives on the bench, have agreed that it’s constitutional. In fact, it was Reagan appointee Laurence Silberman who declared last year that challenges to the law have no support “in either the text of the Constitution or Supreme Court precedent.”

“Carefully weighed?” The Speaker of the House at the time, Nancy Pelosi, told us we had to pass it so we’d know what was in it. The majority, if not all, of Democrats failed to read it before voting for it. Some even bragged about it. Americans were dead set against it. Sure, some of the provisions are popular, but the overall bill offended Americans, who wanted, and still want, common-sense solutions, such as nationwide pooling, reduced government mandates on coverage types, and less government red tape, not overbearing government intervention and mandates.

Now, many recommended preventive services are free for those with Medicare and private coverage. Last year, 32.5 million people with Medicare and up to 54 million Americans with private coverage got at least one free preventive service thanks to the law, a huge step forward for America’s health.

So, Someone Else bears the cost. Who? That money has to come from somewhere.

It’s not surprising that the law’s opponents, having lost in Congress and watched their policy case vanish, have taken to the courts to try to undo these new benefits and protections. We saw similar challenges to laws that created Social Security and established civil rights protections. Those challenges ultimately failed, and so will this one. And that’s great news for the American people.

It’s “great news” that the opinion of the American People is being blown off? One study showed that ObamaCare helped cost Democrats the house. The Republican controlled House passed anti-ObamaCare legislation multiple times, which was then either defeated (barely) or blown off in the Democrat controlled Senate. Apparently, though, The People are just mean for bringing their griefs before the courts. It’s OK when Democrats do it, but not 26 states and multiple business interests.

Kathy fails to even mention the insurance mandate, which is the main thrust of the suits. I wonder why?

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