Hilarious: Focus Group of Dem voters baffled when asked to name Hillary accomplishments [Video]

Man, it just gets better and better. Too bad I wasn’t in that Focus Group. I would have said her greatest contribution as Secretary of State was her boozing/dance tour across the globe. And the fact, that she is a very accomplished liar and a coverup artist for Barack Obama. Alas, I was not invited. Pity. The blank, clueless look on these people’s faces is priceless. Then the halting, no answer awkwardness is sheer gold. Especially with MSNBC at the helm. Good times.

From CainTV:


This never gets old, especially when it’s MSNBC asking the question. It’s almost as if they’re hoping the focus group will give them something to work with because they long since gave up trying to think of anything Hillary has ever done to merit consideration for the presidency. But as is usually the case, even Democrat voters can’t really come up with a plausible explanation for why they’re backing Hillary. They just are because they figure they’re supposed to, and they demonstrate all the enthusiasm you’d expect for a proposition like that (hat tip to Regis Giles at Girls Just Wanna Have Guns):

That last guy pretty well sums it up for Democrats. They feel like the party stuck them with Hillary and no other choice, so they’re trying to be good soldiers because they don’t want a Republican – but they know it’s a crap sandwich and if you really press them, they can’t hide their utter lack of enthusiasm for her.

Serious question: I know conventional wisdom is that Hillary’s inevitability as the nominee remains intact despite everything that’s happened so far. But this campaign has been such a disaster, do you really think they’re going to ride her all the way to their convention next year, and seriously nominate her for the presidency? Especially when there’s still plenty of time to find someone else? I know the Clintons largely control the Democratic Party, but there have to be sane people who recognize what a trainwreck this is heading toward, don’t there?

The last guy pretty much spelled it out – it’s either the Hildebeast or Walker. And the left can’t have Walker destroying their commie unions. That just won’t do. They should really be worried about Ted Cruz who would demolish much more than just their precious unions. Stating that Hillary ‘isn’t perfect’ is the understatement of the century. I’m still not altogether sure that Hillary will be the nominee. You have O’Malley, Warren and even de Blasio in the wings, ready to step over her and assume the crown. One thing you can be sure of, whoever the Dems pick, they will be a stone cold Marxist. Count on it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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