Hillary Clinton Campaigns On Gun Control and Calls for a National Gun Registry

Hillary Clinton Campaigns On Gun Control and Calls for a National Gun Registry

Never let a single tragedy go to waste when you are a Marxist Democrat campaigning for office – especially for the presidency. Hillary Clinton is coming after our guns big time. The very core of her campaign is Universal Background Checks. If that goes through it will create a national gun registry and you will no longer be able to sell your guns to whoever you want to. She also wants all gun owners licensed. These are precursor steps to seizing and banning guns. Clinton is blunt about it and feels it is a winning position for her. How? Most of America owns guns and cherishes their Second Amendment rights. They abhor a registry as unconstitutional and they detest being taxed for ownership. This won’t prevent crime… it will leave good people at the mercy of criminals and thugs. But Clinton’s bodyguards will still be armed, count on it. She also wants to ban “high capacity” magazines, like that prevents anything at all. She knows it doesn’t – she just wants Americans controlled – governments fear an armed citizenry when they have much to hide.

Hillary Clinton Guns

From Breitbart:

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is vigorously campaigning on a platform of more gun control for law-abiding citizens.

She wants an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and myriad new regulations on gun purchases and purchasers, as well as new record-keeping requirements on gun owners. In short, she wants national laws to mirror the kind of laws we see in Chicago, California, and New York.

The Associated Press previously reported that “universal background checks” are the cornerstone of her gun control push. This one proposal will make private gun sales illegal, which means a neighbor could not sell a gun to his neighbor or a friend to a friend or a co-worker to a co-worker the way Americans have done since 1791, unless they do so with government oversight.

It also means every gun purchaser would be required to pass the same background check Vester Lee Flanagan (Virginia), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), James Holmes (Aurora movie theater), and Jared Loughner (Gabby Giffords’ attempted assassin) passed to acquire their firearms. And Clinton would use the information gathered from the background checks to achieve one of her other gun control goals: a “national registry” of gun owners.

According to The Daily Beast, Clinton wants to couple the gun registry with a licensing requirement for gun owners. In 2008, Clinton told the late Tim Russert, “Everyone who wishes to purchase a gun should have a license, and that every handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry.”

It is interesting to note that California has “universal background checks,” a gun registry, and a “high capacity” magazine ban, none of which prevented Elliot Rodger from passing a background check for his handguns and registering them with the state, then using only ten-round magazines to go on a shooting spree in Santa Barbara in May 2014.

It is also interesting to note that in addition to the demonstrable evidence that the federal “assault weapons” ban did not reduce crime, The New York Times has reported that the entire notion of a group of guns called “assault weapons” is Democrat-sponsored fiction. According to the NYT, the Democrats created the term in the 1990s–while Bill Clinton was president–to ban a “politically defined category of guns.”

Pertinent to attempts to ban “assault weapons” is the fact that criminals rarely even use such guns for crime. For example, in 2011, the number of rifle-related deaths was so minuscule that they represented only “.012 percent of the overall deaths in America.”

Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton wants to ban them, she wants to compile a list of law-abiding gun owners, she wants to require law-abiding gun owners to get a license to own a gun, she wants to ban “high capacity” magazines for law-abiding gun owners, and she wants to outlaw private gun sales between law-abiding citizens.

Clinton is a tyrant and she is pushing gun control at every opportunity. She wants to massively grow government to do this as well. Let me ask you this… if she can create a registry to record every gun purchase and sale, one that records info on every person who has a gun, why can’t we keep track of those coming in and out of the country? Why don’t we know who we should deport? Hmmm? If any of this went through, a massive black market in guns would spring up overnight. Basically, Clinton wants to disarm the country and it won’t work. Every one of the things she has suggested has been a part of a disarmament scheme that despots have used in other countries. It is followed by bloodshed. History bears this out, but people don’t want to acknowledge it. It’s ironic that Clinton wants gun control when she sanctioned gun running in Libya – gun running that got people killed, I might add. At the very least, we need guns to protect us from politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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