Hillary Fired for Lying & Obstruction During Nixon Years

Hillary Clinton was once in the Department of Justice during the Nixon years. But according to a new book the “smartest woman in the world” got fired for lying, shoddy legal work, obstruction, and a series of other dodgy actions.

The new book by top Nixon aide Roger Stone entitled Nixon’s Secrets slams Hillary as a total fraud, even a criminal.

Stone – a Nixon staffer who is so partisan he has a tattoo of his old boss’ face on his back – reports that Clinton was fired as a staff lawyer for the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee for “writing fraudulent legal briefs, lying to investigators and confiscating public documents.”

Yale Law School grad Clinton was 26 in 1974 when she started working for the committee that was investigating whether or not there was enough evidence to impeach or prosecute President Nixon for the Watergate affair.

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Clinton’s boss, Jerry Zeifman, the general counsel and chief of staff to the Watergate Committee, claims he fired her because she was working to impede the investigation and undermine Nixon’s defense.

“Hillary’s lies and unethical behavior goes back farther–and goes much deeper–than anyone realizes,” Zeifman told Fox News in 2008. When asked why he fired Clinton, Zeifman responded, “Because she is a liar.”

Folks, we already have a liar and a fraud as president. Do we want a second one in a row??

Just say no to Hillary or any other political dynasty. We don’t do royal politicians in America.

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