Hillary Gets BAD News – This Is the Beginning of the End

Hillary Gets BAD News – This Is the Beginning of the End

Hoo boy! Hillary is in big trouble. Clinton’s campaign aids had a phone call with top donors, who reportedly used the word ‘disappointed’ several times. They are warning Clinton to sharpen her image and message. They are growing increasingly nervous concerning Bernie Sanders. Cash is pouring into Sanders’ campaign coffers. He received over $6 million in donations in the 24 hours following New Hampshire. Hillary has got to be in total panic mode over this. She can’t get enough money out of Mexico, foreign governments, Islamists or communists to cut it this way. She is denying a shakeup in her campaign, but where there is smoke… there are people fired, trust me. Things are just getting worse for Hillary out there.

Hillary Clinton

From the Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton’s donors told her staff she needs to improve her performance after her New Hampshire defeat.

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In a conference call yesterday, supporters said they were ‘disappointed’ and urged her to project a single clear message.

After her embarrassing 22-point loss to Sanders in New Hampshire’s presidential nominating contest, Clinton headed back on Wednesday to New York, where her campaign is based, to confer with top advisers and prepare for the face-off with Sanders in Milwaukee.

Her campaign has denied reports that Clinton is considering a shakeup of her staff, but aides acknowledged that adding new staff was a possibility.

Several among Clinton’s wide circle of donors told Reuters they believed her surprisingly large loss in New Hampshire would ultimately bring out the fighter in her.

This would help to battle-test her, both for the contests ahead in her party’s nomination process and to take on a Republican candidate in the November 8 general election, they added.

Sanders, a Democratic Socialist, has built his campaign around a promise to rein in big firms and Wall Street, while Clinton has emphasized her detailed policy proposals on issues from healthcare to financial reform. Some donors said they would like to see Clinton retool the way she communicates her thinking to voters. ‘Boil it down, be clear, be succinct, and make absolutely sure everybody knows you have a plan,’ said Shekar Narasimhan, a Clinton donor and managing partner at Beekman Advisors. Sanders has called for leveling the economic playing field by breaking up the big banks, creating a single-payer Medicare-for-all healthcare plan and offering government-paid public college tuition. In other words, communism. In some polls, Sanders is now leading Clinton nationally. And all of this is beginning to feel like her race with Barack Obama all over again. ‘It’s the same movie, all over again,’ said lead Obama fundraiser Kirk Dornbush, a San Francisco biotechnology executive who has not yet committed to a candidate. ‘It’s 2008, running with the inevitability cloak and having that fail miserably.’ Yes, it is and that is because no one likes the shrew and she doesn’t stand for anything but herself. On to Nevada and South Carolina! This should be good.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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