Hillary Is Furious After THIS Video Circulates

Hillary Is Furious After THIS Video Circulates

This video is from August of this year, but is even more timely now. Bringing it back is sure to infuriate Clinton as she tries to bamboozle her way into the Democratic nomination and then into the White House. The video highlights exactly what a liar Clinton is. That’s all she’s done her entire life. It’s all she knows how to do… that and get people killed. 57% or more of Americans polled view her as untrustworthy and only 2% of Americans believe Clinton told the truth amidst the email scandal. Over 305 classified emails were discovered that Clinton had sent on her private servers. Three or four of those were top secret. That doesn’t include the ones she destroyed. The woman should be stripped of all security clearances and banned from the presidency. In fact, she should be serving time over that one thing alone. That’s before we address a whole list of crimes this woman has committed over the years and just walked on.


From American Overlook:

But now a new ad will finish the destruction she has already caused to the political party and probably put Clinton out of the running for president forever.

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The ad called “Failed Leadership” (included below) was created by conservative America Rising PAC and is showing Americans the behind-the-scenes investigation over the email controversy that Hillary Clinton and her liberal goons don’t want you to see.

In the short video, you’ll see Clinton uttering false statements, juxtaposed with media professionals questioning the former Secretary of State’s honesty when the truth gets revealed.

I love the video. It showcases lie after lie after lie by the Hildabeast. The woman wouldn’t know honesty if it trout smacked her. The whole country knows what a treacherous, lying hag the woman is. She left our guys there in Libya to die horrible deaths. Now she is lying about lying to the families of those that she got killed in Benghazi. Reprehensible doesn’t even cover what the woman has done and now just shrugged off. What’s a dead ambassador and some dead heroes to her? She’s just upset her mega-retail dreams with Sid Blumenthal fell through in Libya. I’m not foolish enough though to believe this ad will do her in. But, God willing, Trump or Cruz or both will. In the meanwhile, I’ll revel in her getting really ticked off by the truth in this ad. It’s bound to leave a mark.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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