Hillary Panicked As Major Superstar Recants Her Endorsement For Clinton – In THIS Very Awkward Way…

Hillary Panicked As Major Superstar Recants Her Endorsement For Clinton – In THIS Very Awkward Way…

Britney Spears was all for Hillary Clinton… that is until she met her. She gave a gushing endorsement of the Hildabeast, saying that she was a ‘beautiful voice for women’. Spears and Clinton hugged and spoke and Britney even posted it to her Instagram account, ending the lovefest with #ImWithHer. And then just as suddenly, Britney stealthily deleted it. Guess the love affair just ended. Wonder if the old pervert Bernie Sanders seduced her. Maybe he hit her one more time.


From the Daily Mail:

Britney Spears met with Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas on Thursday and offered a gushing endorsement of the presidential candidate, but then stealthily took it back.

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The singer posted a photograph of the pair onto her Instagram account praising the ‘incredible’ former Secretary of State, ending with the hashtag ‘ImWithHer’ that appeared to be a clear show of support.

The hashtag is the one used in all social media by Clinton supporters.

However, Spears, 34, then updated the photograph shortly after and mysteriously removed the hashtag, appearing to recant her endorsement for the 68-year-old who is actively trying to appeal to younger voters.

After Clinton’s humiliating defeat in New Hampshire by Sanders, this is sure to be another depressing blow to her uber ego. The 68-year-old former Secretary of State was in the area to campaign ahead of Nevada’s Democratic caucus on Saturday, where she met the ‘Baby One More Time’ singer. The pics of Clinton and Spears may still work in Hillary’s favor… for those that don’t know about the approval withdrawal by the pop star. Spears, who was in the area for her Britney: Piece of Me residency show at Planet Hollywood, wrote: ‘Being in Vegas for ‪#‎PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons… ‘Especially today… because I had the incredible opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton!!’ Man, I hope she washed after that. Just sayin’. Spears went on to say: ‘This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!!’ She possibly changed her mind after seeing how her fans reacted with disappointment when she endorsed Clinton. They chided her for not supporting Bernie Sanders, while others said that because of her decision they too would now be voting for Hillary. One person wrote: ‘This is about powerful women. Not politics. What a bunch of young, brain dead Marxists. Of course this is about politics and having breasts and a vagina does not guarantee you political office. This is about principles and character, neither of which Hillary possesses. Spears’ take back was awkward, but considering her whole career is about popularity and peer pressure, I’m not surprised. I look for Sanders to take Nevada for the Dems. They just aren’t that into Hillary.





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