Hispanic is the New Black

Hispanic is the New Black

hispanicFor those who are loyal listeners to my radio show you know that am never afraid of taking on any issue. This administration and the entire Democratic Party have realized something most Black Liberals have not and that is that Black Democrats are no longer needed in order to maintain their grip on power. The Democratic Party of 2014 has unofficially forfeited their position as the slave owners of Black Democrats.

You see, unlike Republicans who are apparently terrible at electoral math the Democratic Party is not. They understand the importance of flooding the country and specifically every single swing state with new Hispanic voters. Heck, most of the states are no longer swing states anyway.

So, while the Republicans in Washington, who think Amnesty is going to get them more Hispanic voters, continue to push for National and political suicide; the Democratic Party and their leftist mouthpieces in the media continue to tell the lie that the Republican Party is anti-Hispanic.

Why wouldn’t the left continue this narrative? After all, Hispanics now nearly make up half the total population and with “Operation Illegal Dump” their numbers are only going to get larger. This is why Black voters who have been staunchly loyal to the Democratic Party for over 60 years and who helped the first Black President in U.S. history get elected now feel bewildered and betrayed.

Black liberals are now starting to realize what Conservative politicians have been trying to tell them for decades; that the Democratic Party does not have their back, won’t help them get a job, won’t help them pay their mortgage, and won’t put gas in their tanks.

Black Democrats are furious with the Obama Administration because they realize now that he is a lying, thieving, opportunistic politician who happens to be Black. They feel as though they have been ridden hard and put away wet without so much as a hug or a kiss and they don’t like the feeling. They are finding out the hard way that Obama and the Democrats want to win at all costs and that they are willing to throw Black liberals under the bus, or worse drag them behind it.

But Black liberals who feel left out, forgotten, and betrayed by the Democratic Party have a real alternative. If Black liberals want a chance at a better life with more opportunity and freedom then they need to vote for Republicans this November. How quickly Black liberals have forgotten that it was the Republican Party that was founded on an anti-slavery platform. It was the Republican Party that fought to not only free Blacks from slavery but also to have them count as American citizens.

The Republican Party and Black American voters need to align together in order to defeat this new Democratic Party alliance. If the Democratic Party loses even 20% of the Black vote and the seven million plus Conservatives who sat home because they chose the losing strategy of purity and protest instead of the winning strategy of strength in numbers, then we stand a decent chance to compete politically for years to come.

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