Hmm, Maybe CNN Isn’t Mega-Biased: 10 Things The GOP Must Do In 10 Weeks

Yesterday, the Clinton News Network gave informed Obama of the 10 things he needed to do in the next 10 weeks. Today, we find the 10 things the GOP must do in the next 10 weeks (from a liberal perspective). Let’s give them their due (somewhat, they are still left leaning)

1. Focus on jobs, jobs, jobs – Ron Christie, a Republican strategist who worked for former President George W. Bush, said that Republicans must play up how Democrats have focused too much energy on issues other than jobs.

True, but, they cannot forget other things that matter to people, but, keep the focus on the very thing the Democrats have mostly ignored, and made worse: jobs.

2. Become the party of solutions, not “no” – Democrats have argued throughout policy debates in Congress that Republicans are the “party of no” and the “party of obstruction” — standing firm against important legislation simply to undermine Democrats. Republicans argue they are trying to stop the Democrats’ radical agenda from becoming law.

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“One of the biggest challenges for Republicans heading into November is that they need to be the party of ideas,” said Mark Preston, CNN senior political editor. “They just can’t be the party of obstruction … but to also offer solutions to some of the problems that are facing the nation.”

Huh? The GOP has offered numerous solutions, but, you morons in the media refuse to highlight them. Heck, at Barry’s Big Speech, the one where Joe Wilson yelled out, the GOP was holding their version of health care reform.

3. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow – Kevin Madden, a GOP strategist, noted it’s important for Republicans to look forward as they campaign. (snip)

“Just saying no to health insurance is not the way forward for Republicans in this election,” he said.

Again, the GOP has had numerous plans, but, really, what is wrong with saying “NO!”, “Hell NO!,” “no blanking way in hell!” to the extreme left legislation and plans of Obama and the Democrats?

The rest:

  • 4. Offense is the best defense
  • 5. Offer a “Contract with a America” Part II
  • 6) Embrace tea party support with caution (in other words, don’t listen to your base constituents)
  • 7. Avoid social issues (too be honest, I usually want them to avoid them, too. Leave social issues to the states and private groups. Keep the focus on how bad Obama and the Dems have hosed this country)
  • 8. Appeal to independents (keep the tax rates low, repealing ObamaCare, and implementing legislation that will stimulate private sector growth would appeal to independents)
  • 9. Channel Bill Clinton (yes, Bill Clinton) (I do not think the GOP has a problem with showing optimism and love of country, “like Clinton did”, on the campaign trail. That’s usually a Democrat problem, since they basically love the USA so much they want to fundamental transform America.

Have to have this last one on its own

10. Turn the Bush blame game around – Obama has recently begun to blast Bush and his administration for causing the country’s current economic conditions. Republicans jumped on that criticism, saying it shows a party that is afraid to run on its legislative record.

Huh? Recently?

Tomorrow, I hope they publish “10 Things The Wacko Left Must Do In The Next 10 Weeks,” which should include mentions of Prozac and grief counseling.

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