House To Vote On “Keep Your Plan” Bill Today

I think it was a Bad Idea to bring this legislation forward: the “Affordable” Care Act is bad legislation, the rules as written by the Obama controlled HHS made it much worse, and the sooner people feel the pain themselves, the sooner we can repeal and replace this fraud of a law pushed by a fraud of a president. And really, what Obama and the Dems pushed on the American people was fraud. Possibly criminal fraud. And intentional attempt to deceive the people of the USA. Anyhow, the Washington Post wonders if the vote will be a test of loyalty for Democrats

The political fallout from the botched launch of the health-care law is presenting congressional Democrats with one of their toughest tests of party loyalty in the five years of the Obama administration.

House Republicans are expected to pass a bill Friday that could dramatically undermine the law. And after years of trying to impale the initiative, GOP leaders are hopeful that the political turmoil over the rollout will provide them the support of a sizable bloc of Democrats.

After Obama’s little PC, for which he was at least 30 minutes late, O’s chief of staff, Denis McDon:­ough, along with some “senior staff”, huddled with the Senate Democrats. Nope, Obama wasn’t present. He gave his speech, his work was done or something. Then they huddled with House Dems

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In particular, they urged House Democrats to not support Friday’s GOP bill, which would allow people to keep their old health insurance by extending the “grandfather provisions” of the health-care law to include plans purchased after the law was adopted in 2010. Democrats worry that that would keep millions of people out of the exchanges and decimate the act.

Hmm, interesting that Democrats didn’t talk about needing tens of millions to see their insurance cancelled and forced into the health exchanges/Medicaid in order for the law to work.

A large number of such defections would be a policy blow to the law, but it would be an even more significant political gut punch to the president. The White House on Thursday night said the president would veto the GOP bill if it came to his desk.

Double interesting: it’s being positioned that it is more important to give loyalty to Obama, as if he is a king or something, rather than being elected representatives of The People of the USA.

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