How Much Were Democrats Loathed? GOP Claims Win Of NC Assembly, First Time In 100 Years

Remember, I said that what could happen in state legislatures and even the governors mansions was sliding under the radar. And in North Carolina

Riding a nationwide wave of voter discontent, state Republican leaders said Tuesday that the party had seized control of the state General Assembly for the first time in more than a century.

Many races remained too close to call late Tuesday, but GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer predicted that Republicans would pick up 14 to 16 House seats and 10 Senate seats. That would give the party 66 to 68 seats in the 120-member House and 30 seats in the 50-member Senate.

The GOP last had a majority in the state Senate in 1898. They controlled the state House as recently as 12 years ago.

Yes, we still have to wait for the full results, but, Fetzer is not pulling a Pelosi, claiming victory where there is none to be had (actually, Pelosi was more like Baghdad Bob). It is huge that the GOP can claim to to have won total control of the NC GA, and, based on the last paragraph of the WRAL story, where Dems pretty much gave up the partying, the GOP did pull it out. Now it is time to turn the GA around, move it from its resemblance to the corrupt NJ state legislature, and do the bidding of the People of NC.

Also, while it may be simply a moral victory, it should be noted that Bill Randall took 45% of the vote in NC13 against Brad Miller. NC13, my district, comprises Raleigh and several other heavily Democrat areas. It’s also where quite a few Damnyankees (always pronounced as one word) have moved from up North. In his last two elections, he took 66% and 64% of the vote. This time, only 55%.


The surge that gave Republicans control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday also hit state legislatures, giving Republicans power to potentially cement their hold in Congress for the next decade.

Republicans took control of at least state 18 chambers from Democrats, according to Tim Storey, an elections analyst at the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures.

Republicans saw a net gain of at least 500 seats, giving them control of chambers in states including Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the NCSL reported.

Storey said probably five more chambers remain in play, including the New York Senate.

Remember, control of the state legislatures is about more than simply governance: being a Census year, they will have control over redistricting (psst, NC GOP, make sure Brad Miller loses next time, OK?). Here’s an idea: split the big cities in half.

A few other tidbits:

  • In California, making pot legal failed
  • In Arizona, South Carolina, Utah, and South Dakota, the People said screw you, Card Check, and made sure that the secret ballot would remain regarding unionization
  • Oklahoma has banned Sharia Law
  • Arizona voted against ObamaCare insurance mandate 55-45%
  • Kansas voted for the Right to Bear arms
  • Oklahoma voted against ObamaCare mandate
  • Bye Bye, Nutty Alan Grayson
  • California voted against Prop 23, which would suspend their insane globull warming legislation. Now they can watch their economy collapse even further, as 3,000 people a day move from the State

Now we’re just waiting for the final tallies, to see what the overall federal and state numbers are.

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