Hungarian Gov’t Ramps Up Fight Against George Soros

Hungarian Gov’t Ramps Up Fight Against George Soros

I never thought I would say this, but holy cow the United States needs to be more like Hungary.

Those of us who understand George Soros’ history are trying to kick his influence (mostly financial) out of our country, but our government hasn’t stepped in to help in any way. That’s not the case in Hungary, where they are actively protesting against the billionaire.

George Soros is one of the biggest financial backers of open borders and has pushed his agenda upon countries around the world, but Hungary isn’t taking it anymore. After an intense battle against the influx of migrants into their country, they are now attacking the root of the problem: Soros.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has recently wrapped up a six-week long anti-Soros campaign. The streets have been packed with protesters who want his financial influence out of their country.

Such a revolutionary idea: Letting the natives of the country decide for themselves when and if they want to allow migrants into their country instead of being told by some random guy somewhere in the world how they have to behave and what they have to accept.

It’s not like historic wars have been fought over this very concept or anything.

From The Daily Caller:

The campaign follows a series of moves to halt Soros’ operations in the country. The government argues that Soros is pushing for a one million migrant influx to Europe per year. It is now trying to impose legislation that would force NGOs in the country to reveal where their funding originates and the purpose for which the money was received.

“In Hungarian public life there is a single important element which is not transparent: Soros’s mafia-style network and its agent organizations,” Orban’s spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is why the government insisted that [the] parliament decide on making these organizations transparent, as the Hungarian people have the right to know who represents what and for what purpose.”

I stand with Hungary. As long as they are not posing a threat to those around them (I’m looking at you, North Korea) countries should not be told by some wrinkly old dude with a bank account only slightly larger than his own ego how they should run their own business.

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