Hypocrisy Alert: OccupyOakland Puts $20K In Wells Fargo Account

The “we’re not sure what we’re really protesting but we sure don’t like Wall Street and Big Banks (who tend to hold a huge chunk of the money for union pensions)” movement in #ViolentOccupyOakland does what every liberal does: by hypocrites

(SF Examiner) Last week, one or more Occupy Oakland protesters smashed the windows of a Wells Fargo branch.

This week, the group’s general assembly agreed – in a near-unanimous vote Monday – to temporarily place $20,000 of the group’s money in an account at the country’s fourth-largest bank holding company, Wells Fargo Bank.

Whether the decision was an abandonment of the movement’s opposition to big banks or an ominous affirmation of the hold that big banks have on Americans, Twitter was ablaze with outrage last night, as news spread about the 162-8 vote, from which 16 people abstained.

“I am so disgusted right now. the hypocrisy of it all is just amazing,” wrote @GiveMeThatJuice.

I wonder why they did this

According to meeting minutes posted on a Facebook page for the “Oakland General Assembly,” the group’s lawyer, Tim Fong, will temporarily keep a $20,000 donation from Occupy Wall Street in a Wells Fargo account, until he can finalize paperwork needed to open a credit union account for the group. The move is necessary to expedite the money’s availability for bailing out jailed protesters, the minutes said.

Occupy Wall Street donated the money to Occupy Oakland with stipulation that it be put toward medical and legal needs.

So, it’s easier to put the money in Big Banks, and they need access to use the money in a way the #OWS did not intend? Does that sound rather familiar for the way Democrats in government tend to use the People’s money?

BTW, who’s going to pay the state and federal taxes on that “gift” from OWS? I hope the IRS is watching. They shouldn’t have to, though, because these far left hooligans believe in everyone paying their fair share.

Elsewhere, via OWS Exposed, we find out from Gawker that OccupyDenver has elected Shelby their leader. Shelby is a ….. border collie!

And from Jammie Wearing Fools, the Portland PD suspects Occupy Portland in Molotov cocktail attacks.

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