Hypocrisy: Obama’s Stock And Trade

Obama’s National Labor Relations Board made itself infamous not long ago by attempting to tell Boeing in what state it was allowed to build a new manufacturing plant. Indulging his penchant toward anti-business, anti-capitalist sentiment Obama decided that he was the final arbiter on where companies were allowed to move and set up shop. Boeing was evil, you see because they wanted to get out from under the business-destroying grip of unions.

The monsters at Boeing were “retaliating” against the unions said Obama and his NLRB. Boeing was moving its plant from Washington State to North Carolina because in NC the unions have less power. So, it’s the unionista in chief to the rescue of the jobs-killing unions. Boeing needs to be slapped down for it’s evilness, don’t you know?

But, here is where Obama’s ever present hypocrisy rears its ugly head once again.

As Senator Jim DeMint informs us, Obama’s own closest adviser was a member of the board of Boeing right at the same time it was implementing the decision that Obama thinks is so evil. And yet, Obama sees no reason not to accept Bill Daley — the adviser in question — as his White House Chief of Staff.

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“If the president really believes Boeing broke the law as is contended by the National Labor Relations Board, he should ask his chief of staff [Bill] Daley to take a leave of absence,” DeMint said Thursday on a conference call with reporters, organized by the right-leaning Workforce Fairness Institute.

It isn’t just Daley, either…

“The president has since appointed the president of Boeing as his chairman of the Export Commission,” DeMint continued. “If he thinks Boeing has broken the law, he needs to make some changes.”

On one hand Obama tries to destroy Boeing with his anti-business, union-supporting tactics, saying Boeing is the most evil corporation in modern business. Yet he fills his own administration with members of that same company.

Obama’s hypocrisy knows no end.

But there is a method to Obama’s madness. If Obama uses his power to regulate to harm business, then invites the officers of that same business to fill slots in his administration, why he can then scare that business into doing what he wants them to do, he can then set up government approved status for Boeing with Obama in full control. We call it crony capitalism. It is the sort of thing that fascism is built on, too.

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