I was right about everything!

Well, a couple of things. : And I wasn’t the only one. : But why waste a good couple of “I told you so”‘s?

The first thing I was right about was, of course, how dismal a prospect it was that we’d get a bona fide clown in the United States Senate, as opposed to the usual amateur clowns. : Well, of course, we all knew that. : As I said then:

I never: dreamed that the Al Franken Decade could actually occur.:  And yet, it seems, that grisly reality begins now.

Senator Al Franken.:  I preferred his earlier, funnier bits.:  Ok . . . : earlier.

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But Minnesota’s self-loathing was not be denied. : As a recent post (also posted at RWN) here from our friend Sister Toldjah:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) scolded Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on the Senate floor Thursday for allegedly mocking him while he delivered a solemn speech on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. . . .

I’m: so glad the “adults” are in charge now. Aren’t you?: 8-|

Well, what on earth could they have thought? : Democracy is as democracy does.

And now, from the ridiculous to the so very sublime — the Sublime Ms. O, that is. : Everyone seems pretty “shocked, shocked” that the First Lady spent all that coin on a mega-vacation abroad, but I can hardly imagine why they should be. : I toldja myself: : It’s a big mistake, as someone said, to judge a person by their skin instead of their character. : Both Barack and Michelle Obama, notwithstanding their literal identity as minority members, are — no different from Al Franken — gold-plated members of America’s self-perpetuating upper-class liberal elite, who talk about feeling the working man’s pain but whose incomes and social circles have utterly insulated them from any conception of how the main of America lives, acts and works.

Wealth is not a crime, and neither is conspicuous consumption. : You don’t get brownie points for either, but it’s a lifestyle choice if you want it. : Yet for sure there is something particular ham-fisted and galling about the way the nouveau riche come across, especially when insisting that they are card-carrying members of the Oppressed.

And it matters, too. : It’s not just a matter of style, class and discretion. : It matters because we’re upon an election season which, by all indications, is already not looking all that great for the Obama Party. : Are the Obamas so unaware of how their callous displays of high living at delicate moments come across by virtue of having completely lost touch with the real America? : Do they just not care what happens in the November elections? : Are they completely contemptuous of the sensibilities of the people they claim to serve?

It’s got to be one of these. : No matter which, the answer is hardly comforting, either politically for Democrats or merely in terms of the common weal. : Toldjah’s snark is well deserved: : The adults never really did show up to govern.

I toldjah that, myself, too!

Ron Coleman is ostensibly semi-retired from regular political blogging but manages to get in trouble on Twitter via @roncoleman. : He does blog too much on his top-ranked law blog LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION:® and also swerves out of the lane from time to time as a contributor to Dean’s World.

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