Illegal Alien Ignoramus Waves Mexican Flag as She Graduates From University of Calif.

A illegal alien who was given freebie student status in California stuck her finger in America’s eye by waving the Mexican flag from the stage as she picked up her diploma during this year’s the University of California’s graduation ceremony.

There is nothing like rubbing your host’s face in the fact that you have been given a freebie education at the expense of the taxpayers of the United States even though you are a lawbreaking illegal, he?

The illegal alien in question is reported as being Indira Esparza of San Diego,who came here illegally with her parents when she was two.

Taxpayer-funded officials at UC San Diego advised the Union-Tribune’s reporter and photographer on the scene to focus squarely on Esparza. It’s not clear if these administrators knew in advance that the student had plotted to pull the foreign flag stunt.

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School officials had informed Union-Tribune reporter Lyndsay Winkley that Esparza faced financial trouble as a UCSD student, as well as concerns that her family members could face deportation.

The administrators said Esparza was also worried that other students might view her negatively because of her illegal alien status.

If Esparza was concerned about how other students might view her immigration status, however, she certainly made no attempt to downplay it. Instead, the Mexican citizen helped found the Undocumented Student Services Center at UC San Diego.

Another lawbreaker celebrates her crime while California PAYS her to do it.

Warner Todd Huston

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