Illegal Caught as Human Trafficker Released By Obama Administration

So, now Obama is even releasing without any penalty criminal coyotes caught bringing illegals into this country. Coyotes are people who make cash sneaking illegal immigrants into this country, sometimes for the sexual slave trade.

It happened in Laredo, Texas:

An illegal alien who had previously been released with a notice to appear found herself back in federal custody when authorities arrested her on the charge of human smuggling.

Earlier this week, a Texas State trooper pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. The trooper then called U.S. Border Patrol agents after finding out there were four illegal immigrants in the vehicle, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show.

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On Thursday, Adriana Valero Monsivais and her boyfriend Roberto Gonzalez went before U.S. District Judge J. Scott Hacker who formally charged them with one count of human smuggling before ordering they be held without bond.

So, Obama is releasing criminals, human traffickers, gang members, narco terrorists, and smugglers into our country with no penalties at all. He’s sending children with all sorts of diseases all across the country. And now he’s even bringing people with Ebola into the USA?

This man is trying to destroy this country.

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