Illegals Now Being Dropped Off Via Jet Skis

Mr. Obama can talked about there being more deportations than ever, but that notion has now gone out the window. Most of those deportations were illegals caught crossing and almost immediately sent home. Due to Obama admin policies and discourse, illegals, especially young ones, are streaming across the border, some with parents, some without. They know exactly what to say

“We’re fleeing gang violence,” the mother told the Border Patrol agent, who detailed the conversation to TheBlaze on the condition that he not be named. The group did not run, but voluntarily turned themselves in to U.S. federal custody and claimed what is known as credible fear to apply for asylum in the U.S.

They all knew it was only a matter of time before they would be set free.

They know they’ll receive an order to appear in court, a legal document that will allow them to travel around the country. You have the 47,000 children being held and now shipped to other facilities around the country, kids who are coming to the US illegally because they’ve heard that the US won’t send them home, and then they (and Democrats) will want their parents. This is a failure of Obama and his admin. For goodness sake, Obama is going honor a few young illegal immigrants at the White House, instead of following federal law and kicking them out. And what is the result?

(The Blaze) Hundreds of people were scattered all across Anzalduas Park on the banks of the Rio Grande and edge of the United States on Father’s Day. Only 60 yards across the river, on the Mexican side of the border, a small resort park of jet skis, boats and swimmers blended with the American families in the water’s semi-neutral zone that divides both nations.

But in the confusion of children swimming, small boats and skiers, one of the men, a trafficker whose operations are conducted at the park, was taking illegal immigrants across the water on his yellow jet ski and dropping them off along a bank hidden by trees on the U.S. side of the river. His partner, another man on a blue jet ski, was doing donuts in the water, creating large walls of water to distract from the drop-off point along river’s bend.

It wasn’t enough to distract one Border Patrol agent, who spotted the people – who seemed to appear out of nowhere – scurrying from the trees.

These were not the kind of illegals a of late who let themselves be captured. They scurried away, melting into the crowd. A helicopter and two heavily armed patrol boats from the Texas Dept of Public Safety then showed up. Why?

The troopers were also armed with M-4 style rifles and with pistols. There’s a reason they are so heavily armed: They intercept drug runners and have been shot at by members of the drug cartels working on the Reynosa side of the border. The Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, two of Mexico’s most violent drug cartels, operate and control most of the transit routes along this area of the Mexico’s nearly 2,000-mile border with the United States.

“It’s been getting worse,” said a U.S. federal law enforcement official, speaking on the condition that they not be named. “While Border Patrol’s hands have been tied because of the increase in illegal immigrants other areas of the border have been left wide open and we know that supplies, as well as bad guys are making their way into country. We can’t have eyes everywhere and it’s worse when you have this massive flow of people.”

These “narco-trafficking organizations live for this kind of chaos,” he added.

Much like Team Obama’s other policies, such as his idiotic Syria, Iraq, and overall Middle East policies, his policies on illegals have real world consequences. The jet ski people even taunted TDPS by running around with children on the devices, while still attempting to bring more illegals across. Fortunately, they and Border Patrol seemingly caught all of the illegals that day. However

“We’re doing what we can,” one agent said. “What’s Washington, D.C., going to do about this? That’s what we want to know. We’re doing our job, but we know once they get processed they’ll get released. We don’t think this is ever going to end.”

It will continue as long as The Government/Obama is being as inviting to illegals as they could possibly be. Sadly, while Obama and his team, along with Democrats and some squishy amnesty supporting Republicans, live in this kumbaya world, there are negative consequences to go with what is mentioned above. There are tons of sex slaves being brought to the US illegally. Known gang members are streaming across the border, and not really being stopped. The Border Patrol is being handed new rules on use of force that will make it easier for illegals to escape. And put Border Agent lives at risk.

Rather than working to stop this influx of illegals, a legal and Constitutional requirement, which have lately been “OTM’s”, other than Mexicans, as they are termed, Democrats, Obama, and some squishy Republicans are making it easier and more inviting. NY State is planning on offering amnesty to illegals who live their and have paid taxes for three years. And, they get to vote. And all the benefits of the Social Welfare State. That’s the message illegals see: come to the US, violate our laws, and you’ll be rewarded for it. Of course, the NY proposal doesn’t require the illegals to actually speak our common language.

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